Our Founder

Thao Vo – Founder & President
Thao left her country, Vietnam, when she was 16 and came to America alone as a refugee. After finishing high school, she attended the University of Massachusetts where she earned a degree in accounting. In 2018, her desire to help the people in her home country led her to establish Ket Noi Yeu Thuong (KNYT). Through KNYT, she has sought out specialists around the world to connect with doctors and hospitals in Vietnam. These specialists provide free medical equipment and training to the Vietnamese doctors. She also started a program that brings children in Vietnam to the United States for specialized medical treatments. She works closely with her team, including trusted medical experts in the United States, Australia and Vietnam when helping these disabled children. She and her team work to understand each child’s medical and financial condition so that they can provide the best care to those who need it most. To ensure that the children receive proper care post surgery, Thao and her team established the House of Hopes and Miracles in 2019. It is a house in Vietnam where the children stay and receive free meals and any physical therapy needed to assist in their recovery. Their health insurance and medical bills are also covered while they are receiving rehabilitative treatment. Thao’s main focus is to find ways to help vulnerable children in Vietnam and change their lives for the better.