Our Mission

Ket Noi Yeu Thuong is recognized as non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). We connect good doctors around the world with doctors in Vietnam. Our trust and top doctors around the world come to Vietnam several times a year and work with doctors in Vietnam to provide medical care to our poor and disable children. As of now we are helping about 200 children with different medical issues. We hope to bring more overseas doctors to Vietnam to treat these unfortunate children. But if any children that need special treatments outside of Vietnam we will help to bring them to America or Australia to receive treatments if the case is suitable. So far we have brought six children to Shriners Hospital of Children in America to receive burn and orthopedic treatments and one with clubfeet to Australia. Several children also are being helped with physical therapy at our Hopes and Miracles’ house in Saigon Vietnam since November 2019. The rest is being helped in Vietnam with cast, doctor visits, surgeries, etc. Over the past years we have changed many children’s lives. We believe we will make more lives of children change in the near future.